4 Signs it’s Time to go to Therapy

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The very idea of coming to therapy may have crossed your mind recently or in the past. In my many years of therapy, I have heard many different reasons why people are for and against the therapy. A statement that stood out for me was “You know I considered going through that therapy thing if I could just get past the being venerable and possibly crying part.”  I followed up quickly sharing “some of the bravest people I know sit in the seats where I do therapy.”


Each one of us has a struggle and those that dare to sit and work on themselves show the most courage. Below I have a few key insights to help you or someone you know are in need of therapy. Needless to say, I am proud of the calling on my life and the opportunity I have to work so closely with amazing people. My hope is to encourage all those in need of therapy to seek help.


Signs you are in need to come to therapy


Postponing your happiness until a later date

Delayed gratification is one thing, but putting off your happiness long term is not a healthy sign. Thoughts like “I will be happy when, If I get _____ I will be successful” Yes, good things come to those who wait, however postponing your joy for a later date is not the way to go. Find ways to move towards a place of peace and happiness in the middle of the storm.  Don’t wait to be happy when you lose weight, if you get the promotion or find that special someone. Therapy can help you find ways to be happy now. Therapy can also help you make progress towards your goals.


Constant feelings of fear anxiety and depression

You may find that you are naturally a more nervous person. When you find yourself being overly anxious all the time this is a sign that something major is going on. Feelings of sadness happen to everyone. When you are no longer enjoying life if you have lost interest in things you once loved this is a concern.  If you are not able to get out of bed or general task seems like chores you are in need of therapy. Receiving therapy is a healthy thing for you.


Staying in an unhealthy relationship

Naturally, relationships have both high and low moments. If you find that the relationships you are in have consistent low moments this is a signal that you may need to go to therapy. This is for all relationships work, family, friendship and romantic relationships. Even more so today than in the past we are social. Relationships play a large role in our lives. The quality of the company you keep can impact you in many ways.


Remaining in a unfulfilling job 

Lack of job fulfillment is on the list. If you are not satisfied in your work environment this contributes to other areas of your life. If you are not pleased with the type of work you do this can negatively impact your life. Your work quality can start to decline. Your work performance may decrease. Interactions with coworkers can decrease or become non-existent. Job satisfaction is a high-stress point for many people. If you are struggling in the workplace and in need of a recharge it would be helpful to seek therapy.


Bonus info:

Beating yourself up constantly

Each person can have moments that they are not proud of themselves. Maybe not every moment of your day would you want to be splashed across the 6 o’clock news, however when you start to put yourself down on a regular basis the need for therapy goes up. You need to seek therapy if you are not able to recognize your strengths. If you are not able to see your positive qualities or struggle to accept your accomplishments you are in need of therapy.


Benefits of going to therapy

  • You don’t delay your happiness and joy
  • Experience more satisfaction in life
  • No negative self-talk and self-doubt
  • Become surer of yourself
  • You get unstuck


As you can see there are many reasons to make the healthy choice of going to therapy. We encourage you to let go of the stigma that television, negative press and your own fixed ideas about what therapy can be and try it out for yourself.  You don’t have to suffer in silence. You don’t have to fight this battle alone. Take the amazing step to improving your life in an amazing way.


Resources for finding therapy
The key to this post is expressing the importance of choosing to come to therapy. It is important to make yourself a priority. Understanding the benefits that happen when you come to therapy and address your concerns is a healthy thing. You have the opportunity to change the direction of your life with the positive help from therapy.


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