Warning Signs of Low Self-Esteem

Warning Signs of Low Self Esteem, Flourishing Hope Counseling

Warning Signs of Low Self-Esteem

Do you find yourself taking on task that you may not necessarily want to do at the request of others? At times do you may frequently compare yourself to others? Do self-doubt and negative thoughts about yourself circle your mind regularly? If you find that you have answered yes to some of these questions keep reading. This article is a quick check-up for low self-esteem warning signs.

Allowing disrespect

When we allow ourselves to be treated in a way that is less than what we deserve we are unintentionally allowing the door to be opened for unwanted treatment. We may also be allowing the opportunity for our own best interest to be overlooked. When we continuously allow others to walk over us it can bring us to an even lower point. This pattern can be hard to get out of.

Not able to receive compliments

A person that struggles with low self-esteem finds it difficult to receive compliments from others. Since the person may already be experiencing self-doubt and negative emotions about themselves the idea that someone else can think positively about them can be hard for them to accept. It might be hard for them to believe because they are not at a point where they love themselves.

Highly sensitive

People that have a negative self-image are not able to accept criticism. Someone with a healthy sense of self is able to receive the criticism more openly, without it taking a serious blow to their own personal view of themselves. People that struggle with this issue tend to have a doubting and negative image of themselves. When others challenge their character they receive these critiques as criticism.

Frequently settling

Not only do people with lower self-acceptance receive treatment that they do not deserve but they frequently settle. If a person is constantly accepting treatment that they do not want they start to feel even less happy with themselves. They settle for second and even third best. They put the needs of others before their own. While putting others needs above their own it can at times be a caring attribute if done too much this may be a sign of lower self-esteem.

Criticizing others frequently

People that do not feel good about themselves put other people down. Those that struggle with these issues have a more negative point of view. This negative perspective also impacts the way they feel about themselves and others. If a person does not love them self then it is difficult for them to love and accept someone else.

Negative self-talk

Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are all connected. The messages that a person tells themselves repeatedly has an impact on how they perceive the world around them. This also places a role on how they perceive themselves. If a person finds that there is a lingering message of negative thoughts and ideas about themselves that runs in the background of their mind there might be some low self-esteem issues to be resolved.

Unwarranted sacrificing

When a person finds that they are sacrificing their own happiness for others frequently this can be an issue. There are times in life in which great sacrifice is required but not at all times. When a person continues sacrificing their own happiness and interest it says something about how that person views themselves. We teach people how to treat us. If we do not value ourselves them how will others value us.

Frequently self-doubting

We may not necessarily feel like superheroes every day but with added negative self-talk, unhealthy feelings and damaging behaviors all this can lead to lots of self-doubts. When a person continues to doubt themselves they become less supportive towards themselves. What we give attention to can take root in our lives and grow, before we know it a whole tree of self-doubt has taken root in our life. When the roots are deep these thoughts can be hard to remove. This all has the potential to cause a person to stay in an unhealthy rut in life.

Comparing self to others

It would be wrong to say that people never compare themselves to others but frequently doing so and constantly coming out on the bottom is an issue. People that step outside of their own lane or pay too much attention to someone else’s life lose focus in their own lives. Before they know it they are lost in the dust of someone else.

We all have different races to run in life. We have different starting points and different size hurdles. I challenge you to set your own goals and a pace that you can maintain. If some or all of these issues match you, below are a few tips to start making positive changes. Subscribe for more tips on future articles about how to improve your self-concept and many other life skills.

A few tips to improve your self-esteem

  • Do an emotional check up
  • Create personal goals
  • Recognize personal strengths and talents
  • Do not be so hard on yourself

Reflection question

What small change can you make to improve how you show love to yourself?


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