What You Should Leave in 2017

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As 2017 was coming to close I heard tons of New Year’s resolutions. I heard interesting traditions and customs people practiced to signify a New Year and changes they hoped for in their life. One of the more interesting traditions was taking luggage out of the house immediately as the New Year happened, and running around the block with the luggage (baggage) in tow. I had never heard of this practice. The counselor part of me thought this must be to signify letting go of baggage. The person shared the luggage represents the hopes you will travel. Besides thinking wow! Can I run around the block with luggage dangling behind me all at the same time? I couldn’t help but think, how important it is to leave somethings in the past. Here I will share with you a few things to leave in 2017. Take the luggage carried with you off and move forward in a positive way.
Leave the baggage of anxiety in the past
Let go of the anxieties have weighted you down for far too long. The fear and uncertain of not knowing is uncomfortable. Something positive to think about is knowing you are overcomer. You recently made it through 365 days from the previous year. Last year probably had all kinds of twist and turns. You can do this! You got this! When 2017 started you didn’t know exactly where you would be, what you would be doing, what you would eat of what you would wear. Leave your heart and mind open to the possibility of goodness.
 Leave the setback baggage in the past
Each one of us experiences setbacks, you don’t have to stay back there. Move forward with positivity and hope. See the setbacks as setups and go forward. The setbacks allowed you the opportunity to learn something new about yourself and the world around you. Each life experience helps you to grow if you let it. 
Let go of stress baggage
Often we are stressed out about responsibilities, task and people problems. We can’t change the people but you can’t make the people change but you can change how you respond. You can choose to change your attitude to a positive one and knock task out. This is a New Year, a fresh start. Yes, there will stressful moments, and you can respond differently to them.  
Leave the baggage of regrets in the dust
You can spend all day thinking about what you could have done, where you should be or how life should go. The reality is you are exactly where you are. It’s up to you if you let it get better. Regrets hold you from your greatest potential. Don’t let the past regrets or failures stop you from your future greatness. When you find yourself thinking about regrets and feeling pretty down on yourself do something different. You don’t have to live in regret. Move forward!
Let go of self-doubt baggage
This is your year! You can do great things. You are more than capable of overcoming obstacles. You are just getting started. Self-doubt can creep in at any time. Kick self-doubt out the door. There is no room or time for negativity. Past failures allow self-doubt to pop into your mind and heart. Past disappointments may bring up unwanted feelings. Past hurts can bring up self-doubt. Turn negativity into a navigating force to move forward. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from your destiny.
Consider what you have packed with you from year to year. There are special moments worthy of being held close to our hearts and minds. There is no need to pack garbage, negativity, discomfort, fear, worry, depression, stress anxiety or any other negative mindset along with the great adventure the New Year will bring.
You only lose what you cling to -Buddha
Quick tip to start letting go:
  • Focus on moving forward
  • Find healthy distractions
  • Build a positive support system
  • Learn from your past and keep it moving.




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