Why It Helps to Become a Future Thinker

Flourishing Hope Counseling Why its important to be a future thinker

Why It Helps to Become a Future Thinker

It was a nice Monday afternoon at the office and I had been very productive. I was rather proud of myself for completing several tasks and marking many items off my to-do list. I decided to stop and take a break while walking down the hallway I passed a coworker who looked a little overworked and I asked: “Is it too early to already want the weekend to be here?” We both smiled and continued. Another co-worker mentioned from down the hallway “I have already heard you mention the weekend three times today.” I had not paid attention to it and later questioned myself. It was very clear, I had thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. Although I love work and Mondays for that matter, I could not wait for the next weekend to show up and shine its light on me. This all leads me to an interesting question about how does it help to be a forward thinker?

What does it mean to be a future thinker?

Some have described future thinkers as visionary leaders, innovators, thinkers, writers and others who “look to the future”.If we take these same skills and apply them to our personal lives things can drastically change. We can become innovators over our problems. We can transform and rewrite of our own life story and take on an improved approach to life.

Why is this so important?

By becoming a future thinker in your own life you develop into a person equipped to face difficulties that arise with greater optimism and confidence. You can develop the skills necessary to succeed. You begin to amplify skills that help you to flourish. You may find that you become a person that can recognize challenges and face them with strength. This future thinking can awaken a desire to move forward and grow your hope. You start to be able to recognize obstacles and consider your options.

We may also want more of what we do have. By having this future thinkers attitude we develop the skills needed to receive more of what we want. This means that we become unstuck in our current positions in life and mature into a person that is constantly moving towards more of what we want to see happen. We begin to eagerly seek opportunities and openings.

I encourage you to ask yourself this one question,

how would I be different if I became a visionary in my own life?

When we become future thinkers it improves our attitude. We are able to look forward and see the possibilities that are to come. This can give us hope to keep moving. By doing this it can also give us an opportunity to reflect over the past and plan for greater achievements. This can lead to us opening doors to situations and experiences that may otherwise be closed. We can encounter breakthroughs rather than breakdowns. In my natural optimistic but realistic approach to life, I recognize yes we all experience difficulties and setbacks. An important key to being a future thinker is knowing and believing that we do not have to stay in that moment. We can fully take in the instant, learn, change and grow from it. It can change the way we forge ahead. Having something to look forward to and move towards gives direction. This all can motivate us to drive on and make our dreams a reality. All of this thinking helps us to position ourselves for greatness! I encourage you to approach life with an appetite for adventure and aspiration. Stay tuned to discover more tips about going beyond the thinking and moving towards the action!


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