7 Side Effects of Loving Yourself


 7 Side Effects of Loving Yourself

When we think about low self-esteem a certain image comes to mind. You might picture a person with certain characteristics, often in the background, socially awkward, or not being able to take a compliment. This could be someone you know, and even more up close and personal this person could be you. Before I lose you because the topic of self-esteem is uncomfortable for some people, this post it about learning to love yourself and the benefits that happen when you start loving yourself.

Acceptance      When people truly love and accept themselves their sense of security improves. The opinions that others have about them do not hold the same weight. The person may not be on the top of everyone’s favorite people list yet it does not matter because they love and accept themselves. For people who do not love themselves, they tend to miss that important part of self-acceptance. This makes the opinions of others matter more than they should. It can prevent them from making progress. Not having this self-acceptance may also stop the person from having self-compassion.

Mentally           A person’s mental state improves. People that love themselves become clearer about the decisions that they make. Self-doubt and negative thinking decreases. As people learn more about positively changing and become more in love with themselves their confidence grows. This confidence helps them do things that benefit them and everything around them. People that lack this may be people who are often confused and indecisiveness.


Environment   As we learn, change and grow in the area of loving ourselves we begin to take time to make sure that the environments that we are in our safe and supportive to us. This can mean a lot of important things. Things to consider are making sure your environment is safe for you to be yourself. Secondly, it is helpful for the environment to be safe to try new things and do things that are helpful to you. When an environment is not safe a person does not feel free to be themselves, explore options and make changes.


Emotionally     Loving yourself means that you can be more emotionally stable. Yes, you can still experience a wide range of emotions but there does not have to be this chaotic state of emotional instability. When people do not love themselves they may be emotionally distraught. Some emotions the person may experience are anxiety, depression, anger, and resentment towards others. Loving yourself means that you are aware of the emotions you are experiencing and look for options to positively address the emotions. People that love themselves recognize the importance of changing what you can and removing things that are not supportive. It also means regaining solid ground for you to continue to flourish.


Relationships improve  This means seeking supportive relationships. The relationship between family members, work, romantic and many more relationships are improved. No matter how much society tries to tell us that it is about how many friends and followers we have the quality of the relationships truly matter. Some ways that relationships for people that do not have self-love are negatively impacted is that they can emotionally, mentally and physically draining. The individuals may become people pleasers or seek the approval of other causing them to stay in a rut they are not happy with.


Freedom         You get to be free! You can harness the ability to be you and all that it means, for all of your strengths and shortcomings. This does not mean that every day you are going to kick the sheets back and feel like you can take on the world. It does mean that you have learned and continue to learn more about yourself. You have moved more towards being a person that accepts themselves.

Some tips to start loving yourself:

  • Start to recognize the strengths that have helped you to get this far in life
  • Make a list of accomplishments from as early back as you can remember
  • Hang that list up and remind yourself of what you have been able to accomplish this far
  • Think about what small changes you can make in your life now that will improve your self-love
  • Practice being more compassionate to yourself
  • Start NOW do not wait another day to start making the positive change of loving yourself more!



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